Wardrobe Stylists

A Wardrobe Stylist is in charge of supplying the clothing and accessories for models, celebrities and personalities on a photo or video shoot for editorials, commercials and advertising. Often borrowing and shopping for clothing from designers and shops, Wardrobe Stylists are responsible for every aspect of the clothing on a shoot from making sure garments fit properly to accessorizing and arranging the clothing to suit each individual shot. An essential part of a team of fashion editors, designers, photographers, hair and make-up artists on photography or video shoots, a Wardrobe Stylist spends most of her time planning and coordinating the clothing of a shoot to meet the specific needs and requirements of the client in order to bring their concept to life.  



One of the lead wardrobe stylists for editorials, commercials and advertising,  Jeanette Chivvis  has a keen eye for detail and an intimate knowledge of fast changing trends sometimes before they even hit the market. She comes equipped with a rich background in all things fashion and wardrobe styling. While honing her skills on the red carpets of L.A., Jeanette contributed as a fashion expert to Style Network, E! and various other publications. Her professionalism and fresh approach to styling are two things that make this Texas bred stylist stand out. Anticipating the needs of the client, Jeanette goes beyond the call of duty to ensure a shoot goes smoothly and that the looks she creates are eye-catching and successfully deliver the intended message to the client's target audience.