Prop Stylists and Set Designers

​Renee Rhyner & Co can supply you with the prop styling you need for your next project.

Prop Stylists often make all the difference in the outcome of a photography or video shoot, whether it's for broadcast production, editorial, advertising or commercial use. They have the unique challenge of interpreting an abstract idea the client has and bringing it to life on set and in the final product image. Prop shopping and resourcing for objects to use on a photography or motion shoot is a timely and sometimes costly endeavor which is why having a Prop Stylist on your team is of utmost importance. Professional Prop Stylists know how to fully realize a concept to expertly showcase a product for its end-user in a professional manner within budget and on time.

Julie Whitmire is a Prop Stylist and Location Scout with years of experience working with photographers, artists, designers and clients in many disciplines and various scenarios. Whether shooting in studio or on location, Julie carefully pulls objects, fabrics, furniture and other props that create a visual story surrounding a product or idea that the client wants to convey to their target audience. Her lifelong love of treasure hunting, daydreaming and collaborative creation fuels her personal and professional life. As a Prop Stylist Julie has impeccable taste and the talent to find any prop, object, location or landscape required for still photography and motion pictures. Her highly developed artistic sensibilities allow her to bring a client's vision to life often exceeding all expectations.