Lifestyle Photographers

Lifestyle Photographers are adept at capturing real-life in expert ways so that they look authentic without looking staged or posed. Through their cameras, Lifestyle Photographers tell a story, convey a feeling or highlight a product in such a manner that the viewer is moved to action; whether it is to make a purchase, read an article or hire a company. Lifestyle Photography is largely about positively influencing the consumer through skillful work behind the camera. Lifestyle Photographers aim to capture people going about their everyday lives, whether it's cooking in their kitchen, lounging in their living room or playing outside or working. Careful thought goes into everything in the photo shoot, including location, hiring models or real-life people and lighting so that every image is just right without looking overly planned.

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson's work as both Lifestyle Photographer and filmmaker has been widely celebrated. Dave's lifestyle photographic images can be found in various museums and galleries worldwide. You can also find his work in the pages of various national publications. In recent years, he has traveled the world documenting Heifer International's charity work.

Beth Perkins


Beth Perkins is a highly sought after Lifestyle Photographer known for her compelling and intrinsically real environmental images. Her photographic work has graced the pages of editorial publications, provided content for national advertising campaigns and has significantly contributed to projects for major companies.

Bruce Hulse

Bruce Hulse's work represents the perfect combination of technical ability and a strong, personal approach to his subjects. Especially adept as a Lifestyle Photographer, Bruce has a stellar photographic eye for beauty, and acts quickly to create classic, spontaneous images.